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Season Lineup
The Lindsay Children's Theater Presents
May 19, 20, & 21
at 7:30 PM
All Seats $5
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May 25 at 7:30 PM
May 26 at 7:30 PM
May 27 at 7:30 PM

General Admission Seating
The cast is made up of students from 1st through 9th grade from schools throughout the area.

Willy Wonka (Connor Craven) has promised a tour of his marvelous factory to those who get one of 5 golden tickets hidden in his chocolate bars. Charlie Bucket (Jack Craven) desperately wants one of those tickets, but his family very poor. He lives with his Grandpa Joe (Gage Phipps), Grandma Josephina (Elizabeth Mendoza), Grandpa George (Valentin Gutierrez, Jr.), Grandma Georgina (Klarissa Caballero), his Mom (Kiannah Vasquez), and his Dad (Raphael Romero). He finally gets one chocolate bar and is lucky enough to find a golden ticket inside.

As reported by Phineous Trout (Sofia Craven), Charlie then joins 4 other lucky winners and their escorts on the tour. They are Augustus Gloop (Stevie Gonzales), Mrs. Gloop (Hannah McCoy), Mike Teavee (Liam Sherrill), Ms. Teavee (Charity Jackson), Violet Beauregarde (LilyAnn Keeton), Mrs. Beauregarde (Destiny Halstrom), Veruca Salt (Zariana Anaya), and Mr. Salt (Steve Escobar).

During the story we also meet the Candy Kids (Jacob Brennan, Alexus Martinez, Melanie Millan, Joel Lara, Miranda Servin, Aubri Millan, Isabel Maez-Mendoza, and Madison Gray). Later in the factory we meet the famous Oompa-Loompas (Maura Hill, Arrian Shepard, Carolina Rivera, Soraya Topete, Audriana Lemus, Ruby Romero, Emma Alcantar, Dayanora Topete, Kaylie Medina, Jack Sherrill, Aiden Avalos, Juan Pablo Samaniego, Elisa Salinas, Issys Baeza, Juan Vasquez, Ashley Villanueva, Annaly Alvarez, Kaylene Magana, Jaydyn Drake, Giana Anaya, Madison Denni, Thomas Baker, Sydney Orosco, and Alyssa Ramirez).

During the tour the guests visit the Nut Room where they meet the Squirrels (Syrus Shepard, Eva Orosco, Marcello Magana, Andrew Denni, Lupita Cisneros, Alexandra Baker, and Joshua Baker.) Their job is to sort the good nuts from the bad. Don't be a bad nut, be sure to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Lindsay Theater, 190 N Elmwood in the heart of downtown Lindsay. For more information call 284 2223 or go to