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Kingston Trio Tribute
The County Line Trio
Sat, March 23, 2019 at 7:30 PM
All Seats $19.99
(Early Bird Special: $14.99 before March 2)
The County Line Trio, performs their salute to the legendary "Kingston Trio" with a rousing show that incorporates the original arrangements of their many hit songs. Remember Tom Dooley, Charlie on the MTA, Scotch and Soda, Worried Man and Where Have All The Flowers Gone? These and many other great folk music classics are blended with delightful banter, jokes and just cutting-up and having fun.
For the past 45 years, the County Line Trio has performed in numerous venues, from the nightclub stage, music festivals, corporate functions and private parties, to the concert stage. They have always been welcomed by enthusiastic audiences, eager to take that nostalgic trip back to the days when everyone exercised their vocal cords, tapped their toes and clapped along to the familiar refrains of the great folk hits. There is still a wealth of these enthusiasts longing for that "original sound" which consisted of simple arrangements of three part harmony accompanied by acoustic guitars and banjo performed with spirited gusto. This simple formula blended with comedy and humor makes a County Line Trio performance a truly entertaining journey down memory lane. Their biggest fan support comes from "Kingston Trio" enthusiasts who applaud their faithfulness to the original Kingston Trio arrangements.
The County Line Trio have opened shows for comedian Pat Paulsen, former Limelighter Glenn Yarbrough, country western singer Teri Gibbs, and singer/songwriter and former member of the Kingston Trio, John Stewart. They produced their first album titled "Going Home" which was recorded "live" in a supper/club environment, followed up with a second "live" recording in a concert setting at Lincoln Hills, CA.
The County Line Trio is currently comprised of Tod Brendlen, Bob Lawrence and Dean Hammer and for the past 45 plus years have developed a very entertaining act. Bud Olsen has currently been sidelined with some personal issues.


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